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Meet Stan T Webb

 Since 1986, Stan Webb has been a steady beacon in a world filled with complexity and uncertainty. It is his passion for helping people that sets him apart from other financial professionals. Stan recently published Optimize Your Wealth: Your Personal Guide to Enhancing, Protecting and Sustaining Generational Wealth

Stan’s personal mission of serving others began to develop as a child. He grew up in a working-class family and saw his parents struggle first-hand.  While they knew very little about investing, they instilled in him a set of core values that now enable him to establish long standing relationships that span multiple generations with his clients.

In addition to helping his clients optimize their wealth, Stan is active in his community serving as a strong advocate for financial literacy as well as the host of DreamCatcher Radio. He helps families confront the many challenges of aging with his Eldercare Channel of Wichita. He also works tirelessly to help children learn about money so they can be effective wealth stewards when they become adults. 

Financial Literacy Advocate

Over the years, Stan has become a strong advocate for financial literacy. He learned early on that the key to achieving long-term financial success is the ability to make informed and unemotional decisions based on unbiased advice. This is why he makes time to educate his clients as well as their key family members. 

Stan holds a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. Stan was a keynote speaker and educator for the Federal Employee Mid-Center Education Day Ceremonies in Kansas City and volunteered as a sponsor in the Big Brother & Big Sister Programs.

Stan lives in Wichita with his wife.  He is a muscle-car enthusiast and collector, enjoys learning guitar, and tries to not be too embarrassing when he plays golf.

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