Inside the Book

  • Enhance your wealth by making smart decisions with your assets.
  • Protect your wealth by minimizing threats that can adversely affect it.
  • Sustain your wealth by optimizing your resources with an eagle eye toward the future.

Whether you are retired, planning to retire, or just joining the work force, Optimize your Wealth provides the practical knowledge and actionable strategies you need to help employ your wealth to its fullest.

Your Personal Guide

Are you getting the MOST out of your FINANCIAL RESOURCES? 

How you define wealth and spend your money has a lot to do with your past.  How you were raised and your life experiences shape your finances today and the legacy of your financial security tomorrow.  In Optimize Your Wealth, longtime financial literacy advocate Stan Webb breaks down the complex components of financial and estate planning - wealth planning - to empower you to make informed decisions and to help maximize your wealth based on your needs and comfort level.